Durra Panel

A truly sustainable building material

What is Durra Panel?

A sustainable alternative to plasterboard

Durra Panel is a compressed straw panel, serving as a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional plasterboard. It is used in walls and ceiling systems throughout residential, commercial and industrial applications. Notably, Durra Panel offers remarkable performance features including sustainability, acoustic properties, fire resistance, durability, and thermal insulation.


Made entirely from reclaimed wheat straw

Durra Panel is manufactured from wheat straw, a natural and annually renewable resource. This agricultural by-product is considered waste and is often destroyed by burning, contributing to carbon emissions. Instead, Durra Panel give this waste material purpose by producing a sustainable wall and ceiling panel without the need for any additional land or water for its production.


Transmission loss and acoustic absorption in the one product

Durra Panel is a naturally superior material for noise control, providing an acoustic envelope that reduces any noise intrusion into your home so you can enjoy uninterrupted peace and quiet! Durra Panel’s exceptional attributes can include both sound absorption and sound isolation in the one product for high end acoustic applications in residential or commercial spaces

Fire Resistant

A naturally fire-resistant product

Durra Panel provides an extremely effective barrier against the penetration and spread of fire, while releasing no toxic fumes, no flaming droplets and no dense smoke. The carbonising action of the highly compressed straw when exposed to flame hinders fire penetration, providing a highly effective fire-resistant internal lining. With a fire-rated panel to panel joint, Durra Panel can achieve a 1 hour fire rating.

Durra Panel combines the properties of fire resistance, durability and
thermal insulation all while being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Durra Panel is 100% biodegradable

Benefits of Durra Panel

A wall and ceiling panel that insulates against
sound and heat and is also 100% recyclable
and 100% biodegradable


Durra Panel is ten times more durable than impact resistant plasterboard. The unique dry extrusion process used to manufacture Durra Panel converts the straw resource material into a panel core that is densely compressed and tougher than comparable construction panels. This greater durability makes for a truly low maintenance product with a long life span.


The dense core of Durra Panel acts as a natural thermal mass barrier between internal and external environments. This thermal insulation is achieved by impeding the flow of heat through the material itself rather than reflecting it. Durra Panel’s insulating qualities can help lower heating and cooling costs and energy use, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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