Building Process

What is the build time for a PLACEit Home?

After completing the design phase, documentation, and receiving an approved Building Permit, we estimate a 6-18 week build time to construct your PLACEit Home at our manufacturing facility, followed by on-site works to install your place.

For custom designs, the build time may vary depending on factors such as size and finish. We strive to provide you with a tailored and efficient construction experience.

How are the modules transported to site?

PLACEit Homes are built to trailerable dimensions, so once we have completed works at our manufacturing facility, we place your new home on the back of a truck and transport it to site for installation.

What are the site access requirements?

We will work with you early on in the project to determine if we can deliver via truck as a standard jack unload or if we will require a crane.

There will need to be clear site access for a truck to be able to enter the property. Things to consider are low-hanging electrical wires, trees & driveway access.

When two or more modules are being delivered a crane will be required.


How does modular construction save time?

Modular construction offers a streamlined and efficient building process. At our manufacturing facility in Bendigo, we leverage the advantages of a controlled undercover environment to maximise productivity. Here’s how our approach accelerates the construction timeline:

Off-Site Precision: Our homes are constructed off-site in a controlled environment, ensuring precision and attention to detail. This method eliminates the delays often caused by weather conditions or other on-site variables, providing a reliable and consistent production process.

Materials Accessibility: Operating within our manufacturing facility grants us immediate access to a stocked inventory of materials. This eliminates the need to wait for deliveries and enables us to commence construction promptly. The efficient sourcing of materials contributes significantly to minimising downtime in the building process.

Streamlined Scheduling: In our controlled environment, scheduling becomes a seamless process. The availability of resources and the absence of external disruptions allow us to create precise timelines for each stage of construction. This accuracy in scheduling is a key factor in expediting the overall building process.

What is the difference between a Kit Home and Pre Built Home?

A Prebuilt home is a fully assembled and turn-key solution to buying a home, we look after all the planning, construction, transport, site works and project management.

Alternatively, for a kit home, we will provide you with plans, materials and assembly guides for you to be able to build a home. This is a great option for owner-builders who want flexibility with internal fixtures and finishes.

Can you install onto a sloping block?

Yes we can install onto most sites, as our footing are adjustable.

Design Process

How much will my PLACEit Home cost?

Starting prices for each PLACEit Home can be found on the individual page and in our brochure.

When we find out a few more details like site location, orientation & planning requirements we can provide you with a comprehensive quote.

Can I design a custom home?

Absolutely! We have a deep appreciation for unique and personalised homes. Our dedicated design team is ready to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your preferences and requirements.

What Does the Custom Design Process Involve?

The custom home design process involves a close partnership with our expert design team. Together, we’ll explore your ideas, consider your needs, and craft a tailor-made design that reflects your individual style.

Is There an Additional Fee for Custom Design?

Yes, to cover the specialised attention and expertise required for custom designs, an extra design fee applies. This fee ensures that our team can devote the necessary time and resources to create a home that perfectly suits your vision and requirements.

Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss the details and get started on designing the home of your dreams!

What is the difference between the PLACEit range and a custom design?

We offer two options for your dream home—our PLACEit range and custom design. Each option caters to different preferences and needs. The key differences and advantages of each choice.

Benefits of PLACEit Range:

Faster Process: Our PLACEit range provides a quicker pathway to your new home. Once you choose a design, we can seamlessly progress to permit applications and documentation.

Time Efficiency: Skip the design phase and expedite the entire process.

Cost-Effectiveness: Enjoy potential cost savings associated with choosing from our pre-designed range.

Benefits of Custom Design:

Personalisation: Craft a home that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Unique Features: Incorporate special elements that may not be available in pre-designed options.

Flexibility: Maintain control over the design process, allowing for adjustments based on your vision.

Process for PLACEit Range:

Selection: Browse our existing designs and choose the one that suits your taste.

Permits and Documentation: Move seamlessly from selection to the permit application and documentation phase.

Process for Custom Design:

Briefing: Provide a brief to our design team, outlining your vision and requirements.

Design Phase: Collaborate with our team through stages of design, revisions, and feedback loops.

Cost Considerations:

While the PLACEit range offers potential cost savings, custom design allows for a more tailored experience. Consider your budget and preferences when making your choice.

What features are included in a PLACEit Home?

PLACEit standard inclusions are:

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  • example

For an extra cost you can also add on:

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  • example

Is there a range of finishes to choose from?

Certainly! We have a standard range and a luxury range of finishes to choose from to personalise your home.

Can you build to the Assessible Living Requirements?

Certainly, at PLACEit, our construction aligns with the NCC 2022 requirements for accessible living. Upon request, we are more than willing to implement design modifications to further enhance accessibility features, ensuring your living space meets or exceeds accessibility standards.

Permit Process

What type of building contract will I need to sign?

When entering into a construction agreement with PLACEit, the contract that is use is a standard Master Builder’s contract.

Which comes with a 6-year structural warranty and a 2-year non-structural warranty.

How does the permit process work?

Navigating the permit process with PLACEit is a seamless experience. If you choose a pre-assembled home, our team takes charge of compiling the necessary documentation and managing the entire submission process for both the Planning Permit and Building Permit. We also work closely with consultants to obtain any essential recommendations or certifications.

For those opting for a Kit Home, rest assured, we offer assistance with planning and building permit documentation at an additional cost, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free process.

What is the Energy Star Rating of the homes?

PLACEit modular homes are designed with passive solar principles in mind, ensuring your home is thermally comfortable and your energy bills are reduced.

Your homes insulation, glazing and placement can be adjusted to suit your site, to ensure your home meets the minimum 7 star NatHERS energy

Where desired, we can work with you to exceed the 7-star rating.

Energy Ratings are subject to individual site orientations and client material and design preferences.

Can PLACEit build a BAL rated home?

All PLACEit homes are rated to BAL 12.5 (Bushfire Attack Level) as standard and if required can be upgraded to comply with Bushfire Attack Levels up to BAL 40 in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3959 – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas.